Emilio Scotto

We always follow the travelers’ stories, but this one started more than 30 years ago when there were no phones, or tablets, of course no social networks; the great Emilio Scotto, riding his elegant Honda Goldwing, traveled more than 750.000 km. going twice around the world.

Emilio has a GUINNESS Record and he’s very renowned in the whole world for his career, his unconditional support to all riders and at present he and his beloved wife Mónica make great tours through different countries in the world. Some time ago, another friend of ours introduced us to Emilio and Mónica, and though we had heard about them, a great friendship began.

So, we decided to give Emilio two of our new aerodynamic side bags for him and his team to test them.

One day, Emilio and Mónica not telling us a word about it as a way to help us and surprise us (which they really did), they decided to put us as sponsors of their tours.

We hope to meet more people like them, who want to help and share their experiences.

We are highly grateful to Ricardo Tornatore “Pichi” and his wife Lili, the great Emilio and our dear Mónica and all their team. We love you guys!