Gonzalo Firpo

The Argentine biker has made three journeys: Ushuaia, Machu Picchu and Alaska. “During these three journeys you have always been on my mind, ever since the motorbike came into my life.”, said the biker from Campana, surrounded by biker colleagues that went with him to the base of the basilica to see him go behind his dreams.

Gonzalo crossed America until he got to Prudhoe Bay, considered as the North American Ushuaia. He traveled more than 13 thousand kilometers and more than 15 countries.

Firpo, who is also a talented writer, has published two travel diaries and also some tales. He’s been planning this journey during 4 months, and he decided to make it come true during one of his numerous adventures through our country. All those kilometers on his back are the experience that make this traveler from Campana have the courage and optimism for his journey through America.

After leaving Argentina, Gonzalo Firpo, went through Chili, Bolivia, Peru, Equateur and from Colombia to Panama. The roadmap he shared with Ronlaiver includes Mexico, West of the United States, the crossing to Canada and finally Alaska.

The farewell in Luján included speeches, hugs and neverending photos shared in the group of Facebook “Mis viajes en moto”. A friend promised the fans community that he will update Firpo’s journey through the continent as he gets more information.

“I think I won’t be the same when I get back. I know I’m looking for something though I don’t know what it is yet. After this journey I think I will settle, or maybe I get back and I decide to go to Africa.”, Firpo told us a few months ago. For now the goal is Alaska, and he already achieved it!

Congratulations Gonza!