Goodbye Routine: They left everything to travel America by motorcycle

A young local couple started a journey that took them through many different places in the continent and it is still far from finished.

A young couple decided to take their dreams and make them come true: on March 3rd they started an adventure through America riding a Honda Twister motorcycle. Three weeks ago they reached their first destination, Colombia. In the journey they found the most varied landscapes and they had to go through some difficulties, but the adrenalin is still unbroken and they can only think of the road they have ahead.

The main characters of this story are Yanina Lelli 27, born in Marcos Juarez but living in Funes for several years, and her boyfriend Emanuel Colman 26, born in Funes, who tired of their ordinary lives decided to break the routine and go after their dreams.

“The idea of traveling America by motorcycle comes up from different places. We were tired of our jobs, we didn’t like what we did anymore and we were bored of always being in the same place. We are known in Funes because of our car wash.

I love traveling and knowing different places and Emanuel loves motorcycles and driving, and that’s how we decided to put a little of each and start traveling America by motorcycle.”, explained Yanina about how they decided to change their lives.

Our first goal and destination was Talampaya National Park, in La Rioja: “We were so excited about it that we bought the tickets online to get a discount.”, told us the traveler. To get there, they had to make several stops in Córdoba, where they stayed in “motoposadas” which are family homes whose members are passionate about motorcycles and journeys. “They are always available to help travelers from all over the world. They welcome you with joy, they invite you a meal, they take you to know the city and they give you a place to sleep in their house.”, said the couple.

This way they reached their first destination. They travel between 300 km. and 500 km. per day, making stops to eat, stretch the legs and charge fuel.

They arrived in Colombia on April 23rd, but in the journey they’ve been to the North of Argentina and several more places in Peru, Bolivia and Equator.

Their experience

“In Bolivia we went through the Cordillera de Sama, which is a gravel road more than 3000 meters high of only one way, a lot of turns and cliffs. It took us long hours to make all those kilometers. In the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, we arrived the time of the year where it is completely covered by water. In Peru we passed a mountain road full of tunnels and one way only. You have to honk the horn all the time not to crash, it is called Cañón del Pato or better known as the “death road”.”, they told InfoFunes.

“We saw the famous Laguna 69, and let me tell you, not anybody gets there, in Huascarán National Park. You get there after a 7 km. trekking with some difficulties. You start to feel the height and the road is very tough. We finally got there but we had a really bad time. Luckily, the beauty of the place was worth all the effort. In Colombia, nobody gets over the beauty of the Caribbean Sea.”, said the couple about their adventures.

“The journey never stops surprising you. You wake up in a different place each week, you eat different foods though sometimes we miss a good asado or a plate of pasta but there’s no way we change the experience of living a journey like this for anything.”, added Yanina.

Resources to pay for the trip

Emanuel and Yanina admit that the most expensive thing is the fuel and the maintenance of the vehicle, because there’s plenty of food and it is much cheaper than in Argentina. They settle their payments selling keyrings they made in Funes before starting their trip. “Also, with our YouTube channel América en Moto, which is growing little by little.”, said Emanuel.


Another important part of the trip is the luggage they carry with them. They say they carry “a little bit of everything” but the main articles are: clothes for any weather, maintenance tools for the motorcycle and the whole equipe needed for the making of their videos for their channel. “Our luggage is pretty complete. We had to give up some things to relieve weight, but of course Argentinian mate is a must. We didn’t consider the difficulties that exist when you travel by motorcycle, but let me tell you that the cold and the rain may become your enemies sometimes.”, remarked the travelers.


Their goals

Our goal was to get to Colombia from Argentina but we did it so fast we have not decided yet which place will be our next destination. We are working on the idea of crossing Panama to get to Mexico or go back and cross the continent. Our future goal is to keep traveling and keep working on our YouTube channel, that is why we love sharing our story and experiences so that everyone who wants to travel takes the first step and hits the road! We have a lot of followers who are always supporting us and though it doesn’t seem much, that means a lot to us and we are very thankful for it.”, they say very happy.