Ronlaiver comes out in October 2011 thanks to its founder lead, Federico Pomeraniec. After one of his journeys through South America in which he went through Argentina, Chile, Peru, Equator, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil during 12 months (between 2009 and 2010) riding a Kawasaki KLR 650cc motorcycle, which he called “Leona”, he came up with an idea and motivated by a great passion and determination, he started creating innovative, practical and long-lasting accessories to improve the riders’ equipment and experience.

The year was 2011 and along with the production of the first side bags we had the pressure of giving a name to the project, a short and easy-to-say name. That’s how one day we were crossing the road and a friend said “Look what a nice Ronlaiver”. We all started laughing and asked “What did you say?” and she replied “Those pickup trucks that Fede likes. We laughed all the way because Fede likes a lot the Land Rover Defender pickup trucks, which is what our friend meant to say. Though it’s not the easiest word to pronounce (it’s more like in a French way), that was the name our founder chose.

Days went by and between one design and the other, we started producing handmade aluminium side bags. In time we learned how to travel lighter, we’ve seen different ways of distribution of luggage and we liked the idea of starting producing an innovative design based on three essential values: security, aerodynamics and autonomy. And so, during the next ten months we worked hard with graphic designers, architects and engineers so that we had as a result the extensive range of products leader in its sector that we offer today.

We wanted to keep innovating so we gave them colors so our designs match each motorcycle perfectly. We endeavored to keep growing and today, after seven years of hard work, dedication and persistence, we take one more step creating a distributor network all over the country so that you can find our products closer to you. Now you can go see them, touch them, test them and buy them in the center of attention closest to your city.

We are creating new sources of job to reply faster to any doubt or concern you may have, to be able to send all the orders in time and show you that behind the daily effort that characterizes our team, there’s an Argentine company with high quality products and pre/post-selling services that thinks of your needs, listens to you and takes your suggestions in mind to improve their products.

Thanks a lot to all our friends, clients, future clients and suppliers that are constantly helping us to keep growing and reach people who still don’t know about us. Thank you all for trusting in us and our products.


Our fascination and passion for motorcycle travel and sharing the biker brotherhood worldwide is what pushes us everyday to do each of our actions.

We’ve created products that include primary needs for riders with unique luggage solutions, innovative designs, outdoor equipment and clever travel accessories.

The Ronlaiver team is based on the Japanese expression “MERAKI” and it consists of five elements:

We use the MERAKI philosophy as our foundation and we design from the point of view of the customer. As we innovate in the development of solutions to the needs of our users, we also incorporate new experiences of safe and comfortable use.

Our goal is to constantly provide high quality services and products that exceed our clients’ expectations, satisfying multiple needs in one single product.

Ronlaiver is based on the idea of creating products that give even more value to the experiences lived in the route when we travel by motorbike. Unique experiences that can only be transmitted through driving.